November 5, 2007

Q&A: Fisher talks about improvements on the offense

Q: Are you smiling because of the win or do you feel like these guys are getting close to where you want them to be in regards to getting everybody to play with confidence and knowing what you want them to do?

I think I got a decent night of sleep last night. I am smiling because I feel well rested.

When you play well, and we didn't play well all the time, but we are progressing towards where we need to go. You can see the direction and the kids trying to get there. It gives you a feeling that hopefully you can continue that. We just have to continue that during the week and build on it, that is for sure.

Q: You are getting great production from your three primary receivers and it is tough to think of anybody in the country getting as much production from three guys like that.

I don't get to watch many folks during Saturday because I am busy worrying about the game. They are producing real well.

I thought Antone (Smith) did real well. I think he played his best all-around football game in that game because not only running the ball but he had five catches for 80 yards and he was a real weapon out of the backfield. He also blocked extremely well. He picked up blitzes.

Q: He hasn't done that.

Well, he has gotten a better knowledge of what we are trying to do and all of the twists, stunts, and gains people are bringing us. I just think he played the most complete football game since I have been here. I know that. I am very happy with that.

Q: Were most of his receptions check-downs?

No, they weren't all check-downs. Sometimes we had some routes called to him where he was primary, secondary, or even sometimes the third on a couple of them that we got back to. That was something that we knew playing a great team like Boston College who did a great job with their zone coverage forcing you to be patient. Their whole game plan on defense is not to give up big plays, rally to the ball, and things. We knew that and Drew (Weatherford) did a good job of coming back and finding him as well as finding him when he was the primary. He did a good job on both ends of it.

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