November 7, 2007

Collins pleads guilty

According to a written release from Bowie County, Texas district attorney Bobby Lockhart, Oklahoma State linebacker Chris Collins had plead guilty to aggravated sexual assault charges stemming from a 2004 after-prom party in Texarkana, Texas.

The jury-selection process was completed on Tuesday. According to the release, Collins' plea was entered shortly thereafter.

"Tuesday afternoon, almost two hours after we picked our jury, the defendant entered a plea of guilty to aggravated sexual assault, which is the offence we had charged him with in the indictment, which is a first-degree felony," Lockhart said in the release.

Collins entered the plea without the benefit of a plea bargain.

"There's no plea bargain with the defendant in the punishment phase of this trial," Lockhart said. "I think the defendant's hopes are going to rest with the jury to convince it he's eligible for probation, but that's going to be for the jury to make that decision, but there's no deal with the state."

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