November 12, 2007

Quinn: 'I never thought anything was wrong'

North Charleston (S.C.) Fort Dorchester four-star defensive end Robert Quinn has had more important things to worry about than football lately. A few weeks ago, doctors found a small abscess on his brain, and for a short time, Quinn's future on the gridiron, and more importantly his life, were in danger.

"They (doctors) said there's a little tumor, or blockage, over my spinal cavity which is where the fluid runs through," Quinn said. "The fluid wasn't going through that, so I got all of that extra built-up pressure on my head. Then, they went in and made a hole to keep it running through. I don't know much about it right now, but I go back this Wednesday, and I'll know exactly what it is. I know I can play football next year. I'll be able to play football."

The news came unexpected to Quinn.

"I never felt like anything was ever wrong with me," he said. "People said they could tell a difference in me, but I never felt like anything was ever wrong. At school, I passed out. I thought it was because I took something for a headache, and I hadn't eaten anything that morning, so I thought it just came from that. We went to the doctor later on that day, and they said everything was fine. We didn't do all that CAT scan stuff, and they said everything was fine. Then, I was at my house, and I woke up one morning and passed out twice, and my mom said that was enough. They took me in, and they found out everything. I'm homebound right now until I go back to the doctor. So far, everything is going good."

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