November 18, 2007

Sooners fall in Lubbock 34-27

Bob Stoops opening statement…

Well, I give Texas Tech a lot of credit. Congratulations to them. Mike and his staff did an excellent job and played well. In the first half I thought we really played foolishly and poorly in a lot of areas.

I think you come out and you start the game really well defensively, you have a huge play and then we get a three-and-out after that and we get the ball at the 45-yard line and we go out the very first play of the game and can't hand the ball off.

That's just bad football and we get our quarterback knocked out of the game trying to tackle the guy after he picks the ball up. Then we have all kinds of personal foul penalties and you know, just bad football that way. You can't play like that and win - on the road or even at home. But for sure here.

I felt we kind of played one-handed in the first half meaning the offense wasn't doing anything and you continue to give them all that possession time or all those opportunities and you can't do that with Tech. The way they move the ball, you've got to play like we did in the second half where you're moving it as well and eat up some clock and change field position and I just felt in the first half we didn't play together as a team that way and it broke down.

Then we get behind and I appreciate the guys effort in the second half and everybody fought to the end. I appreciate our players. There's character there and they went all the way through. But we have to play better and smarter than we are to give ourselves a better opportunity and not be in such a whole.

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