November 20, 2007

Both coaches needed time for success

"We are Kansas fan, and we deserve better than 6-6 football. Oh and Missouri, well they probably needs to get rid of Gary Pinkel if they ever want to be at a championship level."

You probably read this or heard people saying this last season, and maybe if you have Les Miles sized cajones, you can meekly raise your hand up and admit you were at the front calling for Mangino or Pinkle's head. But as Herm Edwards would say " That's okaaaaaay, that's okaaaaay," because lets face it, in the past, it hasn't been easy being KU or MU fans.

Last season as Kansas as the Jayhawks struggled to go 6-6 and missed out on a bowl, the quarterback situation was still unresolved. The secondary was getting hit by opposing receivers more than a hot blonde girl at The Hawk. And after Mangino had lifted the Jayhawks out of the bottom dweller, Kansas fans were starting to get tired of five win and six win seasons.

This season, Jayhawk fans proudly call Todd Reesing "Sparky" as the sophomore quarterback may go down as one of finest Jayhawk quarterbacks ever. Darrell Stuckey happily spits out strange metaphors describing the secondary's resurgence, and the King Koopa himself Mark Mangino suddenly finds himself in coach of the year consideration. Oh and the "fire Mark Mangino bandwagon" is emptier than the Red Lyon will be next Saturday.

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