November 26, 2007

FSU coaches to visit 4-star DE this week

You can't blame Robert Quinn if he wants a little extra time to make his decision. The 6-foot-5, 245-pound defensive lineman has gone through more in his senior season than most athletes will go through in their entire career. The Sunday following Quinn's 10th game of the season is when it all went down. The four-star lineman had been passing out both at home and at school and his mom decided enough was enough.

So he went to the doctors and found out that he had a brain tumor. So the doctors went in, fixed the problem, and quickly cleared Quinn to again play football. An amazing recovery for one of the best athletes in South Carolina.

"I feel fine," said Quinn. "People said I wasn't playing to my potential but I guess it could have been because of this, I'm glad nothing bad happened.

"Everybody knows I'm fine now, but through the situation everyone was there to support me."

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