December 6, 2007

Big visits coming for Jackson

Mansfield (TX) S Kenji Jackson has been enjoying himself since the end of the season. Although the season ended before he wanted it to, he wasn't going to let that affect him having a great senior season.

Over the past few weeks, things have started to get interesting for Jackson in recruiting. This past weekend, Jackson took a trip to Ft. Worth for his first official visit. He said that it was a good trip, but that along with the visit, he was keeping plenty busy in recruiting.

Jackson said that he has enjoyed welcoming the different coaches into his house. He said that it has allowed him and his parents the chance to get to know the coaches on a more personal level. He added that his next in home visit would be from a coach he has looked forward to meeting for some time.

Jackson said he had enjoyed watching the Tigers this season. He added that he was impressed the way the defense had stepped up when they had to while continuing to improve game by game.

Jackson knew that his visit schedule had varied several times over the last month or so, but with the season over, he finally had the next two weekends clearly in his sights. He said that the next two weekends would hopefully help him in his decision more than the game between the two teams.

Both the Jayhawks and Tigers have been near the top of Jackson's list for the last few months. After his visit last weekend, Jackson said another team is in the race with them. He added that after next weekend, he would have a much better idea of who was on top and when he would have a decision.

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