January 3, 2008

Seth Doege about to enroll

On Tuesday, Seth Doege watched his last Texas Tech football game as a fan when he took in Tech's comeback win over Virginia in the 2008 Gator Bowl. Doege, who will enroll at Tech in the coming days, says he experienced a wide range of emotions while watching the game- something that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's followed Tech football for any length of time.

"It was an awesome experience, I can tell you that," said the West Texas gunslinger. "I was really excited for the first three minutes and the last three minutes. In between that, I was a little ticked off, but we came through when it counted."

Doege also gave his assessment of the Air Raid's execution.

"I think we dropped too many passes, which is just something we usually don't do," he commented. "But, we did make big plays when we had to. I think if we were on like we're capable of being on, it would have been a different game."

The three-star prospect also shed a little insight on the Julio Jones sighting in the Jacksonville airport.

"Ryan (Haliburton) texted me from the plane and said, 'I'm on the plane with Julio Jones, don't be jealous,' and I thought that was pretty funny," laughed Doege. Asked what he would have done in Haliburton's situation, Doege, ever the recruiter, laughed. "I would have at least introduced myself and told him who I was and talked to him a little about Tech."

Doege explained that Haliburton had the same notion, but didn't get to Jones in time.

"He told me that Jones was with a bunch of friends and stuff, and as he was walking up to introduce himself, they were already leaving," said the quarterback. "He said as they were walking off one of them said something about Julio not signing autographs right now or something, but I don't think it was like he was being rude or anything."

Doege, who has had both of his knees surgically repaired in the last two years, says rehab is going smoothly and he should be ready to go by spring practice, a thought that brings a big smile to his face.

"I'm just so excited it's finally here," he laughed. "That's all I can really say about it, I don't know how else to describe it. It's a big deal for me. I'm just ready to get up there and finish up my rehab and play football again. I'm so tired of rehabbing; I'm just bored with it and I'm ready to get back out there and compete."

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