June 1, 2008

Signee Update: Meet the new #39

UGASports.com has put together this 2008 signee update to give you the opportunity to learn more about the recruit and more about the actual person. We have put together ten questions that he answers as the recruit and ten questions that he answers as himself. Get to know more about Nick Williams right here.

Part I: Williams talks UGA and Recruiting

What is your current size?

"I am about 6-foot-3 and 206-pounds."

What was your workout plan as you prepared for UGA?

"I lifted weights four or five days a week. I have been lifting and staying in shape. I have been running on the tread mill making sure I stay in good condition. The biggest thing for me is cardio - I am working to make sure my endurance is good."

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

"It was definitely all my visits. It was nice to see the different cultures, meet different coaches, and getting to know all of the coaches that I have been watching on T.V. since I was little."

What was your least favorite part about the recruiting process?

"Traveling - having to get up early and drive to the different colleges. I really enjoyed most of it, but that would be it for me. Having to decide was tough too - I did not want to let anyone down, so that was hard too."

How strong was your relationship with your recruiting coach?

"It was real strong - me and Coach Bobo got to know each other early. He is a funny guy and I like his personality, but I know he is a hard worker too. I know now I belong to him and the University of Georgia. He was acting like he wanted to know me and not just the football player. It was real cool."

Did you read any recruiting websites during the process?

"Yes, I stayed up with the recruiting. I would keep up with who was going where, who was committing to who, and it gave me an idea of who I would be playing with and who I would be facing. The recruiting sites are cool and I enjoyed reading them."

What was the biggest reason you chose Georgia?

"The key reason would be the academic part of Georgia. I always knew about their football team and I was drawn to that, but the academic side was new to me. I did not know that Georgia was so serious about their athletes staying on top of their grades. I appreciated that."

What are your goals for your freshman year?

"I just want to make A's and B's. That would be first, but then to get bigger, faster, and see how I can improve. I want to red-shirt, so I can get better, learn, and just wait my turn. If someone gets hurt or someone changes positions, then I will be ready, but I think I could get a lot better if I took a red-shirt."

If you were not heading to Georgia, where you be going to play college football?

"It would have been Alabama hands down. I liked them a lot too."

How was Georgia's recruiting different from the other schools that were pursuing you?

"One thing Coach Bobo told me I am going to have to come in and work. He told me nothing will be given to me, he never blew smoke, and he never told me a lot of good stuff, but he always was breaking down the reality. He told me I would have to get better quick if I wanted to play for them and I really appreciated that. A lot of other coaches told me the good things like how I could come there and play early, come there and do this, but Georgia was more up front from the start."

How would you describe Coach Richt?

"He is remarkable and unbelievable. He is on another level of coaches. He is a Christian guy, he means business, he cares about his players, and he is on another level. I met a lot of coaches, but he really stood out to me."

What areas of your game do you feel you need to improve on to be successful at UGA?

"I need to improve on my decision making. I need to get used to the game speed and doing the right thing the first time. I love the game and I think learning the plays will not be too hard, but I need to make good decision, quick decisions, and be ready at all times."

Part II: Get to know Williams off the field

What are your three favorite restaurants?

"Red Lobster, Applebees, and Chinese Food."

What CD is in your car right now?

"Shawty Lo and Plies."

What are three of your favorite movies?

"Saw III, Saw IV, and Friday."

What do you like to do in your free time?

"I like to lay around, talk on the phone, play games, and just relax."

Tell us something people may not know about yourself.

"I love helping people. I am real soft hearted when it comes to helping people. I am real compassionate and most people don't know that."

Is there one television show that you just can't miss?

"106 & Park."

Who is the hottest female in entertainment?

"Hands down Meagon Good."

If you could trade places with anyone else in this world, who would it be and why?

"I would love to Barack Obama. He is in a position to change the world in so many different ways and I would love to be in that position."

Who has had the biggest influence in your life growing up?

"My father. When times were hard and nobody else was behind me, he was there. He was the only one there sometimes. I knew he would be there for me at all times."

Anything else you want to say to the Bulldog Nation?

"Go Dawgs! You will hear a lot out of the 2008 class."

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