August 20, 2008

Chow answers questions on QB

After Monday's practice (August 18th) Coach Rick Neuheisel made the announcement that Kevin Craft would get the nod and open up the season against Tennessee. Offensive coordinator Norm Chow met with the media to answer questions on the Craft decision.

You have said that if you have more than one quarterback you have no quarterback…

Chow: "No, I said if you have two quarterbacks, you probably don't have a quarterback. Rick Neuheisel made an announcement today, but it was in the works, Kevin Craft was having all the reps with the first unit so it is no big surprise and he's playing awfully well.

"Anyone can improve. The problem before was trying to give everybody the practice time. When you give everyone practice time you don't give anyone any practice time. That's the same idea so we're fine with it and excited about it."

How much confidence does this give Kevin (Craft) do you think?

Chow: "A tremendous amount. I think he's known after Ben Olson went down that it was going to be his if he performed like he should and hopefully he will step up and do what he's supposed to do."

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