August 20, 2008

Bulldogs chased indoors by weather

With thunderstorms rolling through the Golden Triangle today, the Mississippi State Bulldogs took things indoors for their Tuesday practice.

The Bulldogs practiced for two and a half hours inside the Palmeiro Center starting the initial stages of their game plan for the season opener.

"Same song, another verse," head coach Sylvester Croom said. "We were a little bit better today. We did some good things. We really did a lot of no-huddle so we can get a tempo on that kind of stuff. I'm sure we will see some of that in the first ball game so we spent a little time on it so our defensive could feel the tempo."

Croom said the offense showed their counterparts on defense some different looks and formations today, something they will most likely see on Saturdays.

"We're trying to show our defense as much stuff as we possibly can," Croom said. "Believe me, they are showing us enough stuff to work on. We're having to make some adjustments to be able to handle some different things. You know you won't see all of them in one ball game but at least we have an idea how to make adjustments as the season goes on."

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