September 5, 2008

View from a coach: It's never as bad as it seems

I'm sure that after looking at the game tape, a disappointed Texas A&M A&M staff knows that it was not nearly as bad as they felt the night before. The game was winnable and the mistakes correctable. Time, patience and continued hard work are the solution to the problem.

After reflecting back on the game after the initial shock of the final score, I saw a lot of things to be encouraged by. Many times a team must play a game to find their true strengths and weaknesses. Working against each other in practice every day sometimes gives a false sense of strength and/or weaknesses since there is no comparison with an opponent. After the first game, the coaching staff knows what the Aggies can do well and what needs the most attention.

The defensive game plan was solid. Mix different fronts with a perimeter blitzing game and don't give up the big play. The Aggies realized they needed more speed on the field and mixed in a lot of three-man fronts with and extra linebacker or defensive back to accomplish that while still using the four-man front in run-stop situations. Like most three-man fronts, some yardage was given up inside but the Aggies bent and didn't break for most of the game.

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