September 23, 2008

Croom's Tuesday Press Conference

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are frustrated.

Beginning the 2008 campaign at 1-3 coming off an eight win season and a bowl game is not what the players, coaching staff or fans had in mind or expected.

Even head coach Sylvester Croom is aggravated with the Bulldogs current predicament and shared his dissatisfaction with the media during his Tuesday afternoon press conference.

"Our players are frustrated, our coaches are and I'm frustrated," Croom said. "And I think our fans are, as a matter of fact I have no doubt that our fans are frustrated and I understand that. I think we all expected to be in a better situation than what we are in right now. The only thing I can say, as I told our players, some awful good things happened to us last year. We got some breaks last year. We're having some things go against us right now, some things we didn't anticipate."

MSU is in dire need of a win but the road doesn't get any easier this weekend for the Maroon and White as they travel to Baton Rouge, La., to face the defending national champion LSU Tigers.

"The pressure is always there," Croom said. "I look at every week as an urgent situation. Last week was that way as far as I was concerned. That's the only one you can do anything about. You need to win because there is such thing as momentum and feeling good about yourself and having confidence in what you are doing. A victory now would give our players confidence and would allow us to proceed."

Croom called a meeting with some of the more influential players on the roster on Monday to discuss the Bulldogs current situation. Croom said he wanted to give the players an opportunity to voice some of their concerns and opinions.

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