September 26, 2008

Voices from the Scrolls: What's a Hokie?

You the fans asked, and the Huskers have answered. In this week's debut of Voices from the Scrolls, we've picked five of the numerous questions submitted by our readers and asked them to Nebraska's players and coaches themselves. Here are their answers:

What goes through your mind when coach Pelini dials up a blitz package on 3rd down? - NU_steak18

"It gets you fired up. I just want to run through there and get this play. If I don't get the sack, I feel like I failed. Like I failed my team." - Junior linebacker Phillip Dillard

Do you know what a "Hokie" is, if so can you tell us in your own words what it is? - Watsom00

"No, not really. Just from their mascot, it has to do something with some type of bird. I really don't know what a Hokie is. I ask myself that question a lot of times, I've just never investigated the situation." - Sophomore receiver Niles Paul

"I thought it was a bird. I remember when I was younger I found out what a Hokie was and I used to laugh. That's a weird name for bird." - Dillard

"Do I know what a Hokie is? I really don't know what a Hokie is." - Junior defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh

"Isn't it like a turkey or something? I don't really know what a Hokie is, but the whole the state of Virginia is populated with Hokie fans. You can't walk a block without seeing somebody without a Hokie jersey on or a Hokie shirt. Kind of like around here (with Nebraska apparel)." - Junior safety Larry Asante

What do fans do that helps the team, and what do they do that hurts it? - The Collective

"From a team perspective, when the fans get loud when we make a big play, it just makes us want to make another big play. From my perspective, when I was back deep one time and they cheered me, like it just made me want to take that ball to the house even more. Basically when the fans get loud, it's a great feeling." - Paul

"What helps us the most is when they get real loud on third downs. That throws the offense off, because the quarterback is trying to make checks because we're moving, we're constantly moving. When the crowd gets real loud, it kind of screws them up with their checks and whatnot. That helps a lot." - Asante

Has Barry Turner applied for a medical redshirt and if so, what is the status of it? Also, how is the rehab coming? - HuskersBob

"Barry won't apply for that. That'll be our medical staff and our compliance people that will apply for it, and it usually takes a while to get an answer from the NCAA….(His rehab) is going good. He's up and he's walking on it. He's on crutches still, but he's doing a lot of work in the pool and doing some other things. He's going to be fine. He'll recover just fine. The surgery went tremendous." - Defensive coordinator Carl Pelini

With the electronic "Huddle" system for tracking plays and game film, has a laptop completely replaced a playbook binder? - huskerbay

"Me personally, I like the more traditional way. Last year I did use it, but this year I haven't really used it because I have a lot, lot more time. I can go in the office and be in there for hours. I'm in the film room and can go talk to the coaches. But last year I definitely used it because I had classes all day and the only time I had time to watch film was when we had team meetings and position meetings. So I did use it when I got home and had that little bit of free time late at night to go and look at it. The way it's set up this year is that it's not downloaded on your computer, but you can go to a Web site and enter your password. It's real nice, definitely for the younger guys who have class through the whole day until they have meetings and practice. They can use it in the evening or late at night when they have some free time." - Suh

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