September 30, 2008

Pete Carroll talks Oregon matchup

Prior to game day with the Oregon Ducks, USC head coach Pete Carroll took the time to answer questions about the matchup.

How do you view the Oregon offense?

Oregon is loaded up with running backs. They did a great job getting LeGarrette Blount. I know they're working through their quarterback situation with guys banged up a little bit, but their guys have performed well. They're putting on hundreds of yards so I think they look great. We expect it to be extremely difficult.

Did you recruit some of the current Oregon players like Nick Reed and Jaison Williams?

We recruited all those guys to a certain point and they all have their own stories as to what happened and all. Those are all really good players, terrific players down here. We have a problem in that everybody expects us to get everybody who comes out of LA, but you can only take so many guys. There are like a hundred guys a year for years that have gone to the Pac-10 from California alone, so great players get away from us. Nick (Reed), Jaison (Williams) and those guys have all done all kinds of cool stuff. We know them well, we watched them for years down here and watched them play in the conference and have a lot of respect for them and are really happy they've been so effective and had such good careers.

What is the health status of Rey Malauga, Devin Mays and Brian Cushing?

Malauga Mays and Cushing. Mays and Cushing practiced yesterday and they are fine. Rey did not and he's day to day. He won't practice today but he sees a doctor tonight and we'll know where he stands after that. He definitely sprained his knee but it didn't blow up at all, there was no swelling or anything so it's just a matter of how stable he'll be the next couple days and is truly a day to day situation and we won't know until the end of the week.

Will Duck-USC brothers Clay Mathews and Christian Tupou play against the Ducks?

Both those guys will start this game and they've played well and done a nice job for us and we're anxious to see how those guys play.

What is your point of emphasis for stopping the Oregon spread offense?

You have to declare where you're putting your focus. You can't ignore the running game because those guys are averaging over 300 yards a game rushing. It starts with the running backs but the quarterbacks are a big factor and they get everybody the ball. You have to start from the inside out, that's the only way to do it as we see it. They can throw it, put it on the perimeter, do all kinds of cool things. This is a very challenging attack, and no matter who we're playing we always start with the running game.

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