November 6, 2008

Croom: No Wholesale Changes

With an offense struggling to score points on a consistent basis, head coach Sylvester Croom has done several things to help increase production.

He has made a change at quarterback, simplified the playbook, shuffled the depth chart and even burned redshirts to help the offense score.

But with only three games remaining on the schedule, Croom says there are not many more changes left he can make this late in the year.

"There aren't many changes that you can make, particularly this late in the season," Croom said. "At this point, you've pretty much used all the people that you can use. You can't make wholesale changes because it is extremely difficult. Every time you put a play in, it might only be one play, but you have to match it up against all their fronts and all their coverages so it multiplies the repetitions so your quarterback and everybody can read it. You may put something in different that might be game-plan specific to attack a front or coverage that the opposition has. But you can't make wholesale changes this late in the season because the execution just won't be there."

Croom also discussed the impact the spring shooting that led to the suspensions of tackle Michael Brown, cornerback Anthony Johnson and defensive tackles Quinton Wesley and Rodney Prince and the aftermath this season.

"We lost some good football players," Croom said. "We weren't a very deep team. We lost five guys that had significant minutes and our most talented offensive lineman, our most talented defensive lineman, one of our most talented linebackers and a guy who had started at corner for us. They are not playing now."

Losing those five players left little room for injuries on the depth chart. One position hit the hardest was the linebacking corps. Hughes was being depended on to be a starter this season along with Jamar Chaney, who the Bulldogs lost for the year in the opener with Louisiana Tech.

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