November 10, 2008

ASI Insider: Rolle getting ready for big day

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Defensive ends coming on strong (By Gene Williams,

In Saturday's game against Clemson, the Florida State defensive ends had a field day.

The combination of Everette Brown, Neefy Moffett, Marcus White and Kevin McNeil were responsible for 10 tackles, 6 sacks, an interception for a touchdown and numerous quarterback pressures. And when Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper Harper wasn't being sacked by a Seminole defensive end, he was being rushed and knocked down. While sacks make the highlight reels, quarterback hurries and knock-downs are just as important to defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews.

"I'm almost as sure that a quarterback knock-down is more, at least as much as valuable to you as to get a sack," Andrews said. "You don't usually get yards out of it, you don't get that tackle for a loss, but a lot of times you'll get an intercept. You get a bad throw. Plus, he has to get up off the ground too. You have got to think that he is looking at numbers too, he knows what number that was that hit him. As long as we do it, and it's legal, we want to pound him, but you got to know, like I said a minute ago, don't hurt your team with a penalty. We are getting better at that too."

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