November 26, 2008

One more practice then game time

One more practice for the Bruins then it is off to Tempe on Thanksgiving Day to play what is now the most important game of the year for the Bruins. A win allows this young team a moment to dream for at least another week of postseason for a victory. A loss ends all bowl hopes for year and you get the feeling at practice that there is a sense of urgency.

As always Rick Neuheisel discussed the status of the team after Tuesday's session.

Neuheisel: "Another good practice, the kids are spirited, the work has been good, the concentration has been what we need and I like where we are at right now."

Is Micah Kia going to start at guard?

Neuheisel: "Yeah, I think that is probably fair."

How come?

Neuheisel: "Because I don't think Glicks (Scott Glicksberg is a 60, 70 play guy, so we will get Micah started and Glicks will role and I just think it will be a nice deal."

Does that mean Glicksberg will get some time then?

Neuheisel: "Oh yeah, they both will play."

What kind of adjustment is for a guy moving from the outside to inside?

Neuheisel: "It differs for everybody. Some people just like their own place. Some people like it inside because they feel more comfortable and not as exposed as on the edge and so forth and vulnerable so hopefully Micah is in that category that he likes where he's at. He is certainly cerebral enough to play both positions. Hopefully it will be a good move for him."

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