November 30, 2008

Six UGA coaches visit two top targets

The University of Georgia hit the road in full force on Sunday and they sent not one, but six coaches into homes of two of their top priorities in 2009. Both prospects received offers from Georgia early, both have been in Athens this fall, both get calls from the staff weekly, and both are major UGA targets.

The Dawgs had Mike Bobo, Rodney Garner, John Jancek, John Lilly, Stacy Searels, and Willie Martinez on the road Sunday and they all stayed in state and they all visited the same two prospects.

They made it clear to the two Rivals100 prospects that they are extremely high on their wish list.

The first prospect to get a visit from the UGA staff Sunday was Jarvis Jones. The 6-foot-3, 229 pound Rivals100 linebacker has his list down to Florida, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Southern Cal, and Texas.

He has eliminated the other 30 plus schools that offered him and he says he will sign with one of those six. Georgia is the in-state program and they let Jones know that he is wanted in Athens.

"Six Georgia coaches came down here and they let me know that I was a top priority for them," said Jones. "They told me I was the first guy that they saw and they let me know that they want me to be at Georgia."

To get that kind of attention right out of the gates showed Jones something.

"It feels great man - me being from Georgia, UGA being the in-state school, and me being first is a great compliment."

No real coach stood out to one of the top linebackers in the country, but all of them as a whole made an impression.

"Every coach had something to say and we all had a nice conversation and they all were showing me some love. They were saying I could be special at Georgia, I could make a difference at Georgia, and I could come in and compete at Georgia."

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