December 23, 2008

Taylor remains confident in his shot

MADISON, Wis. - Through the Wisconsin men's basketball team's first 11 games, true freshman point guard Jordan Taylor has appeared an average of 12 minutes in each contest. However, his scoring touch has not been as consistent as his playing time. Still, the Badgers are 9-2 and he has been effective in backing up Trevon Hughes in the early stages of the season.

Before Sunday night's practice, caught up with Taylor. The following is a question and answer from the Minnesota native.

Early on in the season, 11 games in, how has it been going for you?

Taylor: It's going well, I think so. It can always get better, things can always get better, but I think it's going alright so far.

So far with your shooting percentage hovering around 17 percent from the field, I'm sure you would like to see that come up a little bit, right?

Taylor: Oh yes definitely. Obviously I want to make every shot, so it's hard to have it do what I want it to do, but right now, I'm trying not to think about it. I'm trying to get better and hopefully start knocking down shots.

What can you attribute it to? Is it that you are trying to hard or is it just as simple as the ball isn't finding its way through the net?

Taylor: Yeah, I don't really know. I try not to think about it but, I'd say I'm pressing a little bit too much when I shoot. But I try not to think about it and just try to get better.

Would you still say you are confident with your shot?

Taylor: Yeah, I think so.

Playing behind Trevon, what have you learned playing with him?

Taylor: Oh you know, just better decision making and as I get older, what kind of decisions I do and what kind of decisions are bad ones. Just watching from the bench or even when I'm on the court with him, just seeing what he does and how he reacts on the court and mature myself.

Against a team like Texas coming up, how exciting is that for you especially since you guys get a tough game at home for a change this year?

Taylor: It will be a fun game, I can't wait. It's a couple days before Christmas so that might hurt the atmosphere a little bit, but they're a good team and hopefully we can come away with the win.

As a point guard, how important is it for you to control the ball and not turn it over when you are out there and playing?

Taylor: I think it's big. Turnovers are obviously never a good thing and they always hurt, but also it's important to get the team in the flow of the offense and make sure that you're scoring as well as getting stops when you're on the floor.

Do you feel yourself improving so far in the playing time you've had to this point?

Taylor: I think a little bit. Like I said you can always get better and you're never pleased with yourself and your play completely, but just continue to get better.

Is that the best venue, a game, to showcase your improvement. I mean, you can see yourself improve in practice, but aren't games the time when it really matters?

Taylor: Yeah I think so. Practice and games are two different things. I think once you start playing well in games it's a much bigger step in practice.

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