January 27, 2009

Set to Sign: Tyler Dippel

Similar to the "Catching up" series, BadgerBlitz.com is set to release our "Set to sign" compilation in the days leading up to Signing Day on Feb. 4. This series will focus on 13 pressing questions from Badger fans before the 2009 recruiting class inks their commitment to the University of Wisconsin. 

Today's installment: Tyler Dippel, a three-star defensive lineman from Hartford (Wis.) Union.

The same 13 questions were presented to each player

Updated Height/Weight: 6-foot-4, 250 pounds

What are your plans for signing day?

My mom is actually flying in from California and we're going to set something up at my high school. We'll have the local newspaper, my coach, parents and some friends. I think that's how it's going to be run.

What school finished second in your recruitment? Why?

Stanford finished second because of all they had to offer. Academics as well as football, I felt Stanford had a lot to offer but Wisconsin was the place for me. I liked the idea of staying close to home and playing in front of the family that has supported me throughout high school. Either way I would have been able to play in front of family because I grew up in California. Thinking about it, it would have been cool for the other half of my family. Obviously because of the distance they haven't been able to watch my games. I just felt more comfortable here in Wisconsin.

What school, if any, continued to recruit you after your verbal commitment?

Yeah, I'd say Stanford. I spoke with them often after giving my verbal commitment. They still wanted me to apply, things of that nature. We kept in touch but has time passed we've slowly stopped talking. That was the one school that definitely kept in touch after I committed.

What school did you root for growing up? Why?
To tell you the truth, I never even watched football until I moved to Wisconsin. I guess I'd have to say the Badgers because I didn't start following football until, really, my freshman year of high school. I guess, yeah, Wisconsin if I had to pick someone. I honestly didn't watch football, which I know is kind of weird.

What are some of your favorite television shows?

I don't really watch television. Honestly, if there is a big sports game on I'll watch it and that's about it. For the most part I do a little homework when I get home and have a sports game on in the background.

If you could compare yourself to one NFL or NCAA player, who would it be? Why?

I've always wanted to be compared to Brain Urlacher. When I started following football I loved the way he played. His size and athleticism is unreal. I'd say him and Ray Lewis, but Urlacher was always the guy I wanted to play like. I try and model my play after him.

Who was your role model growing up? Why?

My biggest role model was my grandfather. I grew up in California with my mom, sister and grandparents. He was my father figure until I made the move to Wisconsin; that was when I was 12 years old. He taught me a lot of things and really taught me how to be a man. I definitely looked up to him because he was the man in my life at an early age. He molded me to make good decisions, and I think he did a pretty good job.

Do you have any hidden/secret talents?

I don't know… I guess I can burp the ABC's.

If you could be anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?

Bill Gates. I would spend all of his money.

What is your favorite food/meal?

Wow, so many good choices. I think I'd have to say steak. My dad makes a great steak.

What do you plan on studying at the University of Wisconsin? (Degree)?

I'm looking at sports medicine, Kinesiology. I'm not sure 100 percent, but that's really the field interested in.

Who is the best player you faced at the high school level (someone you will always remember competing against)?

I would have to say Damon Campbell from Wisconsin Lutheran. I'd play middle linebacker and he was at fullback. Then, when the ball switched, I'd be playing fullback and he'd be middle linebacker. I remember every game we'd collide and bust heads. It was seriously play after play. I was absolutely spent after every game against Wisconsin Lutheran. He was definitely a guy I always looked forward to competing with because we made each other better. It was almost like our own little game within the game. We each wanted to know who could be knocked down the most and who could hit the hardest.

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