June 29, 2009

Butler recaps UVa trip, decision coming soon


"I went on Thursday to the Al Groh Football camp. Basically, I met Coach Fitz before the camp and he gave me a one-on-one session. He gave me a tour of the athletic facility and introduced me to all the coaches and I met Coach Poindexter, the defensive backs coach. He was a real nice guy, very down to earth, very cool. He was like one of the best players in UVa history, at safety too.

"So after that, we did some drills, did the forty-yard dash and position drills. We did some one-on-ones too. I did pretty good in the one-on-ones, making a couple of interceptions and a couple of pass breakups. The competition was nice out there, the wide receivers weren't as deep as I expected, but I think I made my presence known out there. I was put in a group with the most aggressively targeted players, so they kept an eye on us the whole time. It was laid back, it wasn't intense the whole time.

"After that, I got a tour of the campus and the facilities and stuff like that. Charlottesville is really nice and everything but I think I kind of like Nashville a little bit better because Nashville is more of a city feel to it while Charlottesville is kind of UVa and UVa is Charlottesville, everything's based around the university basically there.

"One of my recruiters, he took us in his car and drove us around the city and while we were in the car, he gave us an in-depth description of the history of the campus and I learned a lot about the history and about Thomas Jefferson and just the tradition of the school. So as far as the school tradition, historical wise, I learned a lot about that."

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"Coach Al Groh put the most targeted players in a group, and I was in that group. He said that he needed to sit down one-on-one with our parents and talk to us, but it would take to long. He said that over the weekend he would evaluate each player at each position and maybe midweek, he'd give us a call let us know what the deal was.

"So I'm waiting about midweek, and I think I'm going to make my decision as early as Wednesday night."


"What's really leaning me towards Vanderbilt right now is the whole coaching staff sent me a handwritten letter from the coaches and how they wanted me to be at that school and it was nice. It has really helped in my decision making process, it's really given Vanderbilt an upper hand. My mother saw it and she was really flattered by it."

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