July 1, 2009

Roby is feeling the Buckeye love

Ohio State offers have been hard to come by and that fact has not been lost on Suwanee (Ga.) cornerback/wide receiver Bradley Roby. The 6-foot-0, 175-pound two-way player has been putting together a solid offer list and the three star has had a chance to take a step back from his recruiting and start to soak it all in.

"Things have been going pretty well," Roby said. "They have kind of calmed down because I took a week off and I am at my father's house and I am just trying to chill a little bit and take some time to think. (I had to) get away from all of the hype and all of the camps."

Roby has been interested in Ohio State all along but it seemed that he and the Buckeyes might be moving in different directions when Roby was not sure if he would be able to make a trip to Columbus (Ohio) this summer to check things out. But that all changed recently and Roby is excited with where things are standing.

"Actually things are very, very good (with Ohio State)," Roby said. "I went up there last weekend and did their camp and did really well. The coaches said that I performed really well and that they are seriously recruiting me and that they are going to offer me. They haven't officially yet because they want to get to know their players and all of that to make sure it is the right person."

And as mentioned before, Roby understands the rarity of the Ohio State offer in the class of 2010.

"They barely offer anyone and when they offer somebody it is legit," Roby said.

So things seem to be moving forward toward and offer and Roby understands the process with Ohio State despite holding double digit offers from other programs.

"I have been building relationships with them and my mom and I have been talking to them about twice a week," Roby said.

Schools seem to be split in deciding where to project Roby at the next level. Roby has speed to go along with his size in running a 4.4 second 40-yard-dash. Roby also possesses plenty of athleticism with a 40-inch vertical leap and also gets it done in the classroom with a 3.86 GPA. Where do the Buckeyes see Roby lining up if he were to opt for Ohio State?

"I worked out at both positions (cornerback and wide receiver) but they said that if I come there that they will put me wherever I am needed," Roby said. "But as of now I think they are looking more at corner because the defensive coaches are the ones that are mainly talking to me. But they said if they ever needed me on offense that they wouldn't hesitate."

Is Roby okay with playing on the defensive side of the ball if that is what ultimately ends up being the best fit for him?

"I am okay with playing cornerback at Ohio State," Roby said.

Roby knows plenty about the Ohio State program and in these days of national television deals and an information overload just a few clicks away the Buckeyes have been a big player thus far. But there is nothing like a personal relationship as well and Roby has that with a former high school classmate.

"Cameron Heyward, who is from my high school, is up there right now," Roby said. "My family and his family are really very close. Actually his mom was the one that really got me interested in Ohio State and got me thinking about them and that I should go there and check it out."

And a personal testimony is not a bad thing in the eyes of Roby.

"Cameron has recruited me really hard for the school and showed me a lot of things around campus when I got there," Roby said. "(When he was home for break) I went over to his house and we just talked about how good it is."

Heyward shocked many when he picked Ohio State over offers from UGA, Florida and LSU.

"He said that coach Tressel was just a really nice guy and he really cares about his players," Roby said. "He also said it is a good family up there so I wanted to check that out for myself and I think he is right and I am pretty impressed."

So with an Ohio State offer in reach, how does this affect a decision timeline for Roby?

"Initially I wanted to commit before the season and I still want to do that but I am not sure because I really am not set on a decision yet," Roby said.

The process of cutting down teams has been a difficult one to date and Roby has been struggling in setting up a list.

"I know that I have somewhere around a top three or five but I just really don't know," Roby said. "I have a feel for a lot of places but I might need more time to cut it down to exactly what I need and what I am going to study there and all of that. I am trying to work that out a little bit right now."

But Roby did volunteer a snapshot of how things are looking at this time with a few of the schools on the radar.

"Ohio State, Auburn and Vanderbilt are up there and they might be my top three," Roby said. "As of now those are some schools that I am feeling the love from and Maryland is there too. I can see myself playing (at those schools)."

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