July 21, 2009

Ndulue Adjusting to Being a Known Name

Numerous commitments showed up at Oklahoma's summer camp but perhaps no player had more to gain from just a few hours under the tutelage of a Sooner assistant than Dallas Jesuit pass-rusher Chuka Ndulue. The 6-foot-3, 240-pound prospect with more athleticism and raw ability than overall technical prowess spent one morning session working with defensive ends coach Chris Wilson.

Ndulue says that in the short time he was able to pick up a lot that will improve his game for his Senior year with the Rangers.

"I did pretty well, it was amazing," Ndulue said of the camp. "It was a great experience, every day since I started working for an Oklahoma has paid off and the camp showed me a lot.

"The first thing coach worked with me on was my stance. I play right end so I put my right hand down, and I always took a little wasted step to the outside that's the main points he gave me to work on my stance. I've got to get to the guy first. That's what he and I worked on."

Not only does he have a lot to work on before he is ready for the college game, but Ndulue is a player that due to injuries and the process of learning the game hasn't played a ton of football.

That said, the camp gave him an idea of just how far he has to go before he is ready to play major college football.

"There are so many tiny little details to pay attention to; it opened my eyes to all the things I have to get ready for when I get to play at Oklahoma," he said.

During the camp Ndulue also spent some time around defensive coordinator Brent Venables who was spending a lot of time talking to some other top prospects at the camp and letting them know Ndulue had chosen the Sooners over numerous other opportunities.

For Ndulue the funniest part of Venables' jokes, weren't the punchlines. He was shocked other players knew who he was.

"It was weird, when he started talking about it I kind of realized, it's big-time now," he said. "I didn't expect that much attention over there. Apparently everybody already heard about me, it was shocking and strange too.

"I just went home after the morning session. I'm already good with Oklahoma. I'm already comfortable with things there."

The reality that he was well known began to pop up as Ndulue paid some attention to new players arriving on Oklahoma's commitment list and spoke to the players afterwards.

"About once a week I'll glance at SoonerScoop.com and see all the new guys that committed, like Torrea Peterson," he said. "We all just find each other and start talking.

"Me, Torrea, and Sheldon we are all on facebook so we talk some on there. Most guys find me and that's how we start talking.

"Even near home, it's pretty surprising. People have started to know my name. It's like 'hey you are the kid going to OU from Jesuit'. I'm still not used to it, it's still weird to me."

As mentioned, Ndulue hasn't had a lot of chance to play so far for the Rangers but is very excited about Jesuit's game with arch-rival Bishop Lynch.

"Freshman year I was on B-team, sophomore year I didn't play much and my junior year I was hurt for that game. I've been waiting three years to play in this game, I'm so ready," he said.

"Right now I'm just doing my thing with the team, that's my focus. That's why I committed early and could focus on my team next year. I'm working hard to make sure I can do the most to make us better."

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