August 5, 2009

Bohanon talks GT QBs

Given the physical pounding quarterbacks take in the Georgia Tech offense, quarterbacks coach Brian Bohannon has to prepare each of his quarterbacks because they could be forced into a game at a moments notice. Jacketsonline caught up with Bohannon to see how the young quarterbacks look and to see how Josh Nesbitt and Jaybo Shaw are performing compared to last year.

How are the young quarterbacks, Jordan Luallen and David Sims looking out there? Do they look like they have been thrown into a fire?

I think you said it best, they look like they have been thrown into a fire. There is a lot of information and a lot going on. At times, they have trouble getting the snap because they have 50 million thoughts going through their head. They have both shown some signs of ability and time will only tell. They are learning right now and they got a lot on them, but they have both shown some signs of what we thought they had when we recruited them.

Does Tevin Washington look better out there than he did in the spring?

"He has done some good things and he has done some bad things that we did not like. Nobody out there from Josh to Jaybo has been 100-percent doing what we want. We always like it a little bit better. Nothing has really changed as far as the pecking order of things right now.

Therefore, the order is Nesbitt, Shaw, Washington and the two freshmen.

Those two freshmen are learning right now and they are learning together.

Has Nesbitt improved on anything since the end of the spring?

I think he has gotten better in some areas, but I would like to see some more consistency out of him throwing the ball. He is out here throwing and you can see glimpses of him doing it, but we would like it to be more consistent. The same thing goes for him in the option game. We want a little more consistency in what we are doing. You can see what he did over the summer though.

Do you buy into the idea that the deep passing will not look good early in the camp because timing is not down?

I am not sure I buy into all that. I kind of expect it to be going right away and maybe I am wrong for that. Obviously, the more reps you do, the better you are going to get at it. That is what camp is about. You have two weeks of football and you figure when you come out of camp you ought to be a lot better at everything you do.

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