August 5, 2009

Taylor ready for first season as wolf

One of the most interesting wrinkles the Georgia Tech defense will have this season is the new wolf position. The wolf position is a hybrid linebacker/safety position that replaces a normal strongside linebacker from the defensive scheme. Cooper Taylor is the top wolf and Jacketsonline caught up with him to see how camp is going and what the future of the wolf looks like.

What it is like running the wolf full time?

It is a lot of work and a lot of mental stuff too. We have a lot of meetings and I am trying to get as many reps as I can to get ready since moving from safety to this position. I am just trying to get comfortable with it.

How do you feel about that transition to wolf and is it going well?

It is going well, but I still have a lot of work to do. I think that in the end it is going to be a good move.

How much do you weigh right now?

I weigh 210 pounds right now.

Is that the weight the coaches want you at?

They want me to be as heavy as I can be as long as I keep my speed. That is what they are telling me.

Do you feel like you are still keeping your speed at the same level it was at when you were at safety?

Oh yeah, I definitely have.

What is the biggest change for moving from safety to wolf?

The zone drops I would I guess is the biggest difference. At safety, everything is in front of you, but at the wolf, you are spot dropping more like a linebacker. That is like nothing I have done before. You have to feel curls and digs and with something behind you and you have to keep an eye on what is in front of you.

How does it make you feel that the coaching staff designed something to get you onto the field?

I like it. It is a good way to get a bunch of good athletes on the field to try to win some ball games.

What did the other safeties say to you when this first came up?

Morgan Burnett and Dominique Reese were the two guys who came up to me and they had been running it in the spring and they said they were going to try me there. I thought it would be great to get us all on the field together.

Do you feel like having the three of you on the field gives the team the best chance to win?

Yeah, I think we have a bunch of great players and we are trying our best to get a two-deep at every position, so we can rotate guys in and out. We got wore down at the end of the season. We are trying to get everyone some depth and win some ball games.

How are the two guys behind you Mario Edwards and Brandon Watts looking?

Mario and I are competing right now and it is good because both of us are getting better. Brandon is looking good, but he has a lot to learn. He is learning things and picking it up quick because he is a good athlete. I think he is going to be good for us in the future.

How excited are you about getting a chance to start and be in the game for almost all of the defensive snaps this season?

I am so excited and I am ready for the first snap in Bobby Dodd

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