August 8, 2009

Bulldogs move to secluded location

Dan Mullen wanted total seclusion for his football team when he began two-a-day practices this week.

Mississippi State abandoned their normal practice fields and moved to the other side of campus to the intramural fields where no media or fans were allowed to view practice.

Saturday's two-hour early morning session was all about football with no distractions.

"It's great," Mullen said of the move to the intramural fields. "The first five days I consider preseason practice. We're in training camp now. We are away. For our guys there is no fans out there and no media. For us out there this morning it was just us and the cows. That's what we like. It's more of a work oriented location."

With the location of the intramural fields being separated from many of their other facilities it was a challenge to get everything organized and make sure all the equipment was on hand that the team needed. But Mullen noted that there were no major issues with the change in venue.

"It actually went smoother that I thought," Mullen said. "I thought there would be some logistical issues the first time that we did it. But for the first time today it went pretty smooth. We're very fortunate that we've got a guy like Jody Wright that organizes all of our day-to-day operations and does a tremendous job for us."

But just because the location was changed Mullen noted that the morning session was pretty standard from what they have been doing all week thus far.

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