August 9, 2009

Klug ready for larger role

Although this will be his first year as a starter, Karl Klug has already made a lot of plays for the Hawkeyes, including earning Big Ten player of the week honors early in the year last season. Now, Klug is ready to take on a larger role as a starter. He talks about that transition, playing as an undersized defensive tackle, a little bit about where he grew up, and more.

Q: Tell me about where you grew up. Were you on a farm?

KLUG: I live two miles out of town. It's actually where my dad grew up. It was like a farm setting, but all we had were like three sheep, so I mean I couldn't really say we live on a farm.

Q: Not technically?

KLUG: Right. We didn't have the animals really.

Q: So coming to Iowa City was sort of big time for you?

KLUG: Definitely. It was kind of hard because I have a twin brother, Kevin, and I thought he deserved to come here, but it didn't work out that way. So it was kind of hard to accept this offer, but at the same time I talked to him and he said to take it. It was pretty cool when I committed, we had a game the next week and they had an Iowa blanket up in the crowd. I thought that was pretty neat.

Q: Are there a lot of Iowa fans in Caledonia or Gopher fans?

KLUG: Well, now there's Iowa fans. Not really before.

Q: What did you come in at weight wise?

KLUG: 207.

Q: What are you now?

KLUG: 260.

Q: You're asking a lot out of your body. How does it respond?

KLUG: Right. It's good. I just do the rehab. I did it this summer for my back. I'm just trying to stay on top of stuff. Football is a demanding sport, you know, but you've just got to take care of it I guess the best you can.

Q: Defensive tackle is a demanding spot too.

KLUG: Absolutely. I mean going against 300 pounders every snap and probably two of them being inside. You've got to be smart too. You've got to be on the same page with the rest of the d-linemen and it will make your job easier.

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