August 18, 2009

Moffitt progressing with injury

MADISON, Wis. - Center John Moffitt has not participated in fall camp to this point as he recovers from a strained pectoral muscle. That, however, did not keep the effervescent junior down during Wisconsin's annual media day Sunday afternoon. caught up with the Connecticut native on Sunday. During the lively question and answer, Moffitt discussed his injury, personal expectations and middle school dances.

How is the injury?

Moffitt: There's no pain when I'm moving it and the swelling has gone down.

You just immediately knew something was wrong when you were lifting?

Moffitt: I was benching. It was one of those things, I was benching and I'm coming down and just on the way up you just felt that little bit of a pop and just lost it. Luckily Gabe Carimi was on the ball and he ripped the bench right off. Then I went right to the training room, followed suit, got it checked out.

Were you worried when it first happened? Did you think it was going to be worse than it was?

Moffitt: Yeah, and you know, I was trying to stay calm because realistically you don't even know. You've got to get the X-Ray's, you've got the MRI's, so I was just trying to stay in the moment. Just say, hey, it's an injury. This could be a three-week thing or it could be longer. Luckily it wasn't the latter.

Were you snapping balls yesterday (Saturday)?

Moffitt: Yeah, it felt great. It felt great. Things have been coming together well. I'm amazed with our training staff right now, our medical training staff. They've been awesome, and the way they've been rehabbing me, everyday feels significantly better than the last.

Is there a timetable when you want to get back? Or are you taking it slow?

Moffitt: No, taking it slow. I feel like the advances and the gains I'm making, I feel like it could be a sooner rather than later type of thing. Look at these nerds over here. (Talking about the quarterbacks posing for a picture) They're such clowns. Anyway, I feel like it could be a sooner rather than later type of thing, which is great. The process I'm in right now is just strengthening it, working on stabilization, which is good. The first part is (getting) the swelling down, mobility and all that stuff. I think we're through that, which is great.

In your absence, some of these freshmen have been getting solid reps. Have you been impressed with them?

Moffitt: Yeah, and that's the other nice thing. We're going to have, to steal some lines from Bo (Bob Bostad) I read the other day in the newspaper, we're going to have that needed or added depth in our line. I think [db]Travis Frederick is really doing great. He's a smart guy, definitely one of my favorite freshmen I think. He's a great guy. He just absorbs pretty much everything he's taking in.

He's a good dancer too, isn't he?

Moffitt: That's what they say, but I think he's awful. (Laughing)

Is there anybody that stood out to you in the dance off last night (Saturday)?

Moffitt: Who was good? I'm trying to think. I liked, who's our freshman, he's a freshman safety or cornerback. He's got the short dreads.

Dezmen Southward?

Moffitt: No, no, the other one. He doesn't say much. Hey Jay, (Jay Valai), who's the safety, corner who danced and is real good? He was killing it.

Valai: Josh Peprah.

Moffitt: Peprah, yeah, he was real good. Real good.

Where would you stand in that dance off?

Moffitt: I guess it depends on what type of dance competition it was. I mean, if it was like a slow dance, like an eighth grade slow dance, you know, back side out. Yeah, I'd probably be number one.

The teacher is separating you.

Moffitt: (Laughing) Yeah, putting the balloon in the middle. I went to a catholic school and they always claimed that they would do that. I went to a catholic high school and they were always like, 'Stay distant, you don't have to be grinding on each other.' So it was like a real proper dance I guess.

The season is coming up here in about three weeks. What are you looking to do? I know you're injured, but when you get back to strength.

Moffitt: Right now, at this moment, I'm just trying to take mental reps and just trying to become smarter, as always. So, you know, just working that aspect of the game. And also, just working my rehab as much as possible. When I get back, I want to gel the line and get them together and move forward with this stuff.

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