August 19, 2009

Only one way, with Marvray

True freshman, Ricky Marvray has already made his presence felt by his UCLA teammates. All are impressed by his tireless work ethic and it is rubbing off on other players. Aaron Hester recently commented that Marvray will make the bus, meaning he's not going to redshirt. caught up with Marvray to see how he is doing a week into his college career. Ricky you are in your first week of D-I football and a lot of people are talking about you. How do think you are doing?

Marvray: "I think I'm doing well. I think I'm working hard and that's the most important thing. Working hard has always been the biggest attribute to my success. I think I'm getting the offense down pretty well. I just need to keep studying, you can never study enough and just keep working hard. I think that's going to help me." On media day, you were the only guy out 85 who had your playbook.

Marvray: "Yeah, that was a perfect opportunity. It is all the little things like that help. It was the perfect day. It was media day and we just had lunch and we were going to be sitting there for two hours, doing nothing, so I figured nobody is going to interview me, I'm not anybody yet, so I might as well be trying to do something productive. I figured, I need to pick up this offense, this is the perfect time, it is two hours, that's perfect."

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