August 19, 2009

How confident is Bobo in Gray?

Although Joe Cox will be the starter for Georgia's opener at Oklahoma State, it's looking more and more that backup Logan Gray will get the opportunity to show what he can do.

According to offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, Gray's ability as a runner is a weapon that simply cannot be ignored and that fact alone has the Bulldogs considering their options.

"Just talk to defensive coaches and talk to our defensive coaches when they have to deal with a guy that poses that threat of being able to run the ball. It's just extra time that they have to put in defensively so when you've got guys who can do both it's really a bonus," Bobo said. "When you have a guy who can execute a throw and run offense and have the quarterback run game, too, is a definite advantage. If he keeps progressing, he's going to play this year in some certain situations. How much will depend on him and how he performs."

Exactly what, Bobo isn't saying for obvious reasons.

Gray isn't about to give away any secrets, either, except that he hopes to take advantage of whatever opportunity comes his way.

"Hopefully, the more I can make the coaches feel comfortable with me in there and count on my ability to do what we need to do I think I'll have a chance to come in and make some plays," Gray said. "You'd have to ask Coach Bobo, but I think that this spring and going into this camp I've been able to establish myself some. I think I'm getting to that point and hopefully if I can keep getting better come Oklahoma State I'll be ready to go and get a chance to make those plays."

Bobo certainly appears to have plenty of faith in the redshirt sophomore.

Although there has been no official announcement regarding Gray's status as the top backup to Cox, Bobo's confidence in his quarterback is a subject he's very quick to discuss.

"I have a lot of confidence in Logan right now in his ability to execute what we're doing," he said. "The main thing for him is getting reps. He's been in the meeting room for two years now and he understands it's a little different than when you're out there in 11-on-11 in scrimmage situations, getting the signal from the sideline and you're having to execute things after watching (Matthew) Stafford and Cox do it.

"He's out there getting reps with the twos and the ones and the more confidence he gets he's going to have in himself but right now I'm confident that he can go out there and execute a large percentage of our offense."

Gray's performances in Georgia's two scrimmages to date have done nothing to change Bobo's mind.

Last Wednesday, Gray completed 6 of 12 passes for 93 yards and two touchdowns, a performance he followed up with Saturday by completing 6 of 8 passes for 91 yards.

"I've felt good out there. There are always things when you go back and watch the film that you can improve on," Gray said. "But I felt confident and I was able to go out there and get a lot of reps with the ones. Hopefully, I can keep on building on that."

Bobo admitted that there was a time when he and other coaches wondered if quarterback would be the best position for Gray to play.

But after some initial consideration, the decision was made to immerse Gray into the quarterback role to see how he would respond.

"Really, it started back in the spring. Logan is a tremendous athlete so we said let's see if we can try to hone his skills down at the quarterback spot and see if that's the best position for him," Bobo said. "He did such a nice job in the spring and it's carried over to the fall that even though we signed two talented quarterbacks, he's done a nice job of really dedicating himself to the position and he does not want to let go of his spot."

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