September 5, 2009

Derby dominates on Friday night

A.J. Derby and his Iowa City High Little Hawks left little doubt as to who the #1 team in the state of Iowa is on Friday night, pounding #3 ranked Cedar Rapids Washington, 65-21. The senior signal caller and four star prospect according to, accounted for 320 yards of offense, including three touchdown passes in the victory. Following the win we caught up with Derby to get his thoughts on the win and if he is a silent commitment to the Hawkeyes.

Q: Did you think that you guys could win this game by anything close to the score of 65-21?

DERBY: We think we are pretty good and we work very hard in practice. Everyone on this team works hard and tonight we came out and played hard and got it done.

Q: One of the turning points early was the flea flicker play where you made the 50 yard pass down the field for a touchdown. You had to escape some pressure to make a really good throw.

DERBY: Yeah, our receiver made a really good play on that ball. He had some contact down the field, stayed with it, caught the ball, and scored. He really stepped up today. Our offensive line did a great job.

Q: What was the key for you guys tonight? It seemed like the entire team was pretty motivated to make a statement?

DERBY: We are a pretty determined team. We fell short last year and we think about that a lot. It makes us work harder and harder.

Q: Were you guys even more motivated that CR Wash was ranked #3 in the state?

DERBY: Yeah, we thought it was a pretty big game for us and there was a lot of hype for it. Our coaches did a really good job with the game plan and scouting and we executed it this week. I think we are at the top of our game right now.

Q: Is there a target on you guys now after this win?

DERBY: Yeah, that is what we want. We want the target. We felt like last year we should have done better than we did and we want to make up for it this year.

Q: How are you progressing as a quarterback? Is it light years from where you were last year at this time?

DERBY: Yeah. I feel like I am way better than I was last year. I have better footwork, better at throwing, and a better leader.

Q: On the recruiting side, what is your timetable for making a decision?

DERBY: My timetable is that I may take some officials during the season, but I haven't decided where yet. I'll decide after I take all my officials.

Q: What about the rumblings that you are a silent commit to Iowa?

DERBY: I heard that. Coach Ferentz told me that they were going to take away that kids scholarship because they want me to commit, but I didn't commit yet and I am going to take my officials.

Q: Were you surprised when you read that you might be a silent commit?

DERBY: My uncle actually texted me saying are you committed to Iowa? He went to Wisconsin, so he is telling me to go there. People talk all the time.

Q: I think it is fair to say that you are going to wait until after your season to make any decision.

DERBY: Yep, that is the plan.

Q: Are you going to the Iowa game tomorrow?

DERBY: Yeah, I will be there.

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