September 5, 2009

UNI Post Game: Adam Gettis

Adam Gettis made the first start of his college career on Saturday afternoon and after shaking off an early case of the jitters, the Hawkeye guard says he felt more comfortable on the field. Gettis talks about his first start and the feelings he had, the emotions of being called for holding on a play that would have been a touchdown, and what he saw on the final plays of the game.

Q: What did you think of your first college start?

GETTIS: It was ok. I have a lot of things to work on as an offensive lineman. We will go watch film tomorrow and correct those things on the field in practice during the week and try to get it done.

Q: What were your feelings when you had the real negative play getting called for the hold when Chaney catches the touchdown pass?

GETTIS: You feel really bad, but you just have to shake it off and come back then next play and help do what we did, which was score on that drive.

Q: Did you struggle finding continuity on the offensive line today?

GETTIS: You could say that. We all knew what we had to do and the guys from Northern Iowa came out and played their butts off up front and we didn't bring the same intensity that they brought in the first half. As soon as we got it rolling a little bit in the second half, we found our continuity and started coming off the ball like we need to.

Q: Did you feel like you got more comfortable as the game went along?

GETTIS: Oh yeah. The first couple of plays, you get those jitters out and you just get down to playing football. That is all you can ask for, to play football as hard as you can.

Q: What was your view on the final two plays?

GETTIS: I didn't even watch the plays. I was just sitting there praying. I didn't even look. I didn't know what happened. I just heard everyone screaming.

Q: Is this one of the most bizarre endings you have been a part of playing football?

GETTIS: Yeah it was. You just have to commend the field goal block guys for their effort. They do a great job in practice every day and I think that is where that came from.

Q: Binns long arms coming in real handy today.

GETTIS: (laugh) He does have really long arms and that always helps.

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