September 5, 2009

UNI Post Game: Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson got the opportunity he had been waiting for on Saturday. The redshirt freshman back from Des Moines ended up as Iowa's leading rusher today in the win over Northern Iowa. Robinson talks about his first real playing time in a college game, the thrill of scoring his first touchdown at this level, plus much more.

Q: What was it like as an offensive player at the end of the game watching those two field goal attempts and the time between them?

ROBINSON: It was electrifying. We had a bad misfortune with the referee call, but it was really great to see our defense stick with it and block it a second time.

Q: Were you surprised it was so close at the end?

ROBINSON: I was. I was thinking coming out in the 4th quarter that our offense was going to score a little bit more, but that didn't happen. Sometimes things don't go the way you planned. Luckily our defense was there at the end of the game to finish it for us.

Q: Is this a wakeup call for you guys or do you need one?

ROBINSON: I think we just came out flat, which wasn't our plan. Sometimes things don't go as you planned. We went in the locker room and talked it out and we had a different game plan for the second half. We came out with a little more intensity and then UNI battled back. They are a good team and it was just a dog fight the entire game. We are really fortunate to come away with the win.

Q: You got the bulk of the carries in the second half today. Do you think you are establishing yourself as a back that the coaches can rely on?

ROBINSON: I think so. I think the coaches are gaining a little more confidence in me. I have to thank my offensive line because they opened up some pretty good holes for me, which was a big part of my success today.

Q: Can you talk about what changed in the second half?

ROBINSON: We had some personnel miscommunications in the first half. We talked it over as an offense in the locker room and came out ready and got things worked out.

Q: Was this game tougher than you expected it to be?

ROBINSON: No, not at all. We knew that UNI was going to come in with a chip on their shoulder and give us all they got and that is exactly what they did. We were expecting it and we played hard through the whole game.

Q: How much more respect do you have for FCS schools after a game like this?

ROBINSON: A lot of respect. We respect all of our opponents. That really wasn't an issue coming into the game. We knew that they were going to give us their best shot.

Q: How much do you know about some of those rules like the one at the end of the game? Were you as shocked as everyone else was?

ROBINSON: I was not aware of that rule. Those situations don't happen too often. I don't think a lot of people are aware of those. Luckily our defense came through for us.

Q: Talk about scoring to get the momentum going?

ROBINSON: The first touchdown, I don't know, it was an indescribable feeling. I thank my offensive line because they got me there. I just hope we can move forward from this game.

Q: What was your thought when you saw the hole open up?

ROBINSON: Just score. I saw the hole open and there was nobody there. Just score.

Q: Did the coaches have a plan on how they were going to use you today at running back?

ROBINSON: We had a specific rotation. Paki was going to start the game and I was going to get in there towards the third series, I think. We were going to go from there based on how the game was going.

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