September 7, 2009

He said. She said. The tune-up


.She said::...



Everyone in the stands around me was wondering what the Beavers would pull
out for their first play. A few 'hand-offs to Quizz' were mentioned and then
Sean Canfield takes the snap and lets a long bomb fly, catching James Rodgers
in stride for an 87 yard touchdown.

It was a thing of beauty. When was the last time Oregon State had that long
of a pass play, let alone on the opening play?

Overall this game felt a lot like a scrimmage…and in theory it was. The
offensive line was able to work out a few kinks which was important and the
young guys were able to see a great deal of live action which helps build depth.
But it wasn't like Coach Langsdorf opened up the playbook and let things fly.

Canfield looked strong and the Rodgers brothers showed that they were healthy
once again. It will be imperative for other players to step up in the coming
weeks to take some of the pressure off of James and Jacquizz, but there is talent

The line still has some work to do, but overall they did an good job protecting
Canfield. The run blocking can be improved, but like an intersquad scrimmage,
I suspect Coach Cav to watch the film and get back to work on Monday.

Overall 433 yards of offense is not a bad thing, especially when the second
and third teamers spent almost an entire half on the field. The coaches will
take the film, work on tightening a few things up, and get ready for the Rebels.



HE SAYS::...

C+? Ouch! The wife coming out with a tough grade right off the bat. I thought
the offense was better than that. At least the first stringers. Portland State
really wasn't able to stop them as they racked up 31 points in a little over
a half.

I thought the 1st string O-line played real well. I was very impressed with
Michael Philipp and Grant Johnson, who were both starting their very first college
game. Johnson played in a couple games last year. Philipp was in High School.

Yes, the 2nd and 3rd string didn't move the ball quite as well, but Katz and
company showed some flashes.

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