September 10, 2009

Richt addresses quarterback situation

Georgia coach Mark Richt wasted little time addressing who was going to be his starting quarterback Saturday against South Carolina.

"There's a rumor that Logan Gray was going to start at quarterback at Georgia, but that's not true: Aaron Murray… I'm just kidding," Richt said. "Joe's (Cox) the quarterback, so we're good. It's not unusual to have your second-team quarterback take a couple of snaps with our one unit. It's no cause for a three-alarm fire which everyone is trying to portray."

Earlier Thursday, UGASports reported that according to three sources speaking on condition of anonymity, that backup Logan Gray ran the first team offense the entire practice Wednesday against the scout team defensive simulating South Carolina.

Those same sources said it appeared that Gray could start Saturday's game against the Gamecocks.

Richt was asked specifically how many snaps Gray received with the first-team offense Wednesday.

"Are you trying to validate what was written or something? I'm asking," Richt said. When asked again, Richt said "I don't know; he got a few."

Those sources, still speaking on condition of anonymity, told UGASports that Cox was having shoulder problems and that was the reason Gray was seeing action with the ones.

Richt was also asked specifically about any shoulder or arm issues related to Cox.

"What we've been doing with Joe is giving him, we have practice Sunday when we don't throw and Monday we don't practice. Tuesday, of course we do practice, but we give him off Wednesday off as far as throwing the ball," Richt said. "(Thursday) he'll work. The guy's been here five years, he's getting old. No, we want to make sure he's as fresh as he can be and that's why we did that. We want Joe to have as much pop as he can have, that's why we do it."

Richt, who spoke to the media before Thursday's practice, said that Gray would receive the second-most reps behind Cox.

Richt said that Cox is over the flu-like symptoms that affected him late last week prior to last Saturday's game against Oklahoma State.

The coach was also asked about his decision this to completely close down Thursday practice, not only keeping media, but players' families to see what's going on.

"We try to shut it completely down, we can, but if one of the coaches wives or kids want to be there, my dad wanted to watch, we're not going to say absolutely nobody," Richt said. "We try to close it down. We tried to tell the players, because usually parents are always welcome. But even those days … because there is so much that people want to talk. People want to tell writers stories. For some reason they feel good when they see a little something they can tell the world. It makes them feel important I guess. The more of that happens the harder it is to say come on out and enjoy the day.

"There are certain things you can see that even my mother can see they're doing this or that. She might tell her girlfriend, she tells her son and all of a sudden it's on the Internet. I don't think you can stop it, but you can try to control it a little bit, maybe."

This and that

• Richt said running back Caleb King (hamstring) is doubtful for Saturday. "If you go by Tuesday or Wednesday you'd say no. We don't have a set line on him other than how much he can go or how far he can go in practice because the last couple of days, he was not able to go the whole practice," Richt said. "If I were to gauge it now, I'd say it's doubtful that he plays."

• Sam linebacker Darius Dewberry will not play against South Carolina after pulling a muscle. Akeem Dent is expected to start in his place.

Defensive end Kiante Tripp (shoulder) after missing last week's game, but Richt said he was unsure how much he would play.

• Dawg Walk is scheduled for 5 p.m.

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