September 16, 2009

Jones getting back to normal

Georgia Tech running back Roddy Jones has been healthy enough to play in games for a few weeks, but when he got on the field against Clemson with a large cast on his wrist, something was a little off. Jones played through the awkwardness of the cast, but this week he should be closer to normal with a smaller splint on his wrist. Jacketsonline caught up with Jones to see how he is adjusting to playing with a wrist limitation and what it is like for him to play in a backfield with two other dynamic runners.

What was it like playing with the cast on your hand?

"Playing with a cast was no fun. I had a permanent cast for the game on Thursday and had it taken off after the game. It wasn't fun but it was just great to get back out there and play."

What are you going to have on this week? Is it the same thing?

"No, it's a lot different. I have on a small splint that we formed that is made out of hard plastic. It's something that allows me to have a lot more flexibility with my hands and catch a lot better and hopefully use my wrists a lot better."

Were you frustrated at all with the cast?

"The only time that it really affected me was when I tried to catch that third down pass; the one that I dropped, the ball hit me right on the cast. I don't have any excuses; it was a ball that I should have caught."

What do you guys need to do this week to improve the offense?

"I think that we need to focus on finishing drives. We had way too many three and outs and we need to work on not having negative plays. As long as we do those two things we should be doing pretty well."

Is it going to be your number that gets called this week for a big offensive play?

"I guess we'll see whoever gets the pitch on the first play! No, but in this offense anybody has a chance to go the distance on any play as long as we execute."

Has there been more of an emphasis on trying to have a prolonged drive? There has not been a drive where you grind it out down the field to score a touchdown.

"That's definitely something that we as an offense have realized. As I said before we just have to finish drives. We had a couple of drives where we would get down to the 40 and then have to punt so we are really focusing on finishing drives this week. We need to keep our defense off of the field because our defense played a lot, especially in the first half last week."

What is it like playing with two other explosive backs on the field at the same time in Jonathan Dwyer and Anthony Allen?

"It's a lot of fun. I think that it is just as much fun to run for an 82-yard run as it is to throw a block on an 82-yard run. It's something that makes the offense fun to watch, but we also have to work on having prolonged drives."

What did you think of Anthony's play? How did that play unfold?

"I was on the play side and Bay-Bay laid a great block on the safety. I was fortunate enough to cut the cornerback and get him to the ground. Anthony did the rest and outran the defense."

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