October 8, 2009

Favors Feet Slow Down, Not his Spirit

Whether you are a current Sooner player or a commitment it seems there is no escape from the misfortune of health that seems to be surrounding anyone tied to Oklahoma football. One of the most recent casualties to the bad ju-ju is Fort Worth Dunbar linebacker Rashod Favors. The 6-foot-1, 215-pound linebacker suffered a serious injury in his team's first game of the season.

Unfortunately it seems that Favors, like many of the other future and current Sooners suffered an injury due to a freak situation.

"I tore my lateral tendons in my angle. I can do things going forwards or backwards but all the side to side motion would have been really tough," Favors said. "I had a season ending injury, I could have played but I chose to rehab it. I talked to my coach and he told me 'you are trying to go to the next level, and to not risk it if I didn't need to'.

"I was trying to tackle the quarterback and one of my teammates shot at the quarterbacks leg and he caught my legs with his so when I fell, I fell kind of awkward pressing it."

In a stroke of good fortune Favors had two separate doctors tell him that he was miraculously suffering from an injury a third of the time that most would have suffered.

"At first I didn't really know what the injury was. I went to see two doctors and the first doctor told me it was amazing I didn't break any bones, I just tore my tendons," he said. "The second doctor smiled at me and said 'you are lucky guy. If you had broken it, it's almost an 18-week injury and yours is closer to six."

While many players would have lost heart when their senior season was unexpectedly taken away from them Favors has found real solace in the moment. In fact he says it may have bettered him as a teammate, player, and potentially a future coach.

It has also given Favors some perspective on playing football in general.

"Actually it's been great. It's given me a lot of time to think and let's me know how much I really love football. Coach always told us before you are only promised one game, and promised one play and we preach that at our practice all the time," he said.

"I thank my coaches and everything, it's a learning experience. It's like I'm coaching. The person who is playing my position, I work with him a lot," he said. "I coach the corners, the defensive lineman, I'm like a defensive expert, I see something that isn't going right and I try to fix it.

"I can tell the coaches 'so and so isn't doing that right, he should play that.

"It has made me grow as a leader. Playing linebacker I was a leader, but I was quiet, I made plays and people saw that. But since I'm not on the field I have to be more vocal."

Favors says the Sooners have been supportive of his recovery time and says that he has returned that support while Oklahoma's coaches battle through any number of their own injuries, and now apparently sickness, early on in the 2009 season.

"I can't speak for other recruits, but stuff like this happens all the time. You've been running at that level for years, you're going to have faults, this is just been a rough year for us," Favors confessed. "We've lost a lot of playmakers and athletes from last year. We lost Jermaine Gresham before the year, Sam Bradford in the first game. The defensive side of the ball is still going strong but you know the offense is having some understandable troubles.

"It really doesn't effect my commitment though, it's going to help them learn and build for next year."

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