Allen clarifies things

WEST MONROE - It has been an interesting week for LSU's second-highest rated commitment in the Class of 2010.
West Monroe standout defensive end Jordan Allen is the unquestioned leader of the state's top-ranked team in Class 5A and has helped the Rebels off to another impressive 4-0 start heading into Friday's road game at Airline in Bossier City.
However, last week it was Allen's words instead of his on-the-field actions that created quite a buzz in his hometown and on Internet message boards following a story that appeared in the print and online editions of Tiger Rag Magazine.
Allen, a normally quiet and unassuming player, found himself on the defensive after critical remarks and abrasive language about Neville quarterback Taylor Burch were attributed to him in the wake of the Rebels' 30-27 victory in Week 3 of the regular season.
"The (Tiger Rag) story had a lot of stuff that I really thought was off the record and I didn't realize that the writer was going to put in the story," Allen said. "I thought it was just him and me kind of joking around and talking before the actual interview started and I felt comfortable around him and so we were just talking. Or at least I thought we were just talking (off the record). It was a casual conversation that you would say to one of your buddies.
"That is nothing and nowhere near the description of how humble I am and to be honest nothing that I would ever say to a reporter if I knew he was going to quote me," Allen said. "This was my mistake and I apologize. It will not happen again."
West Monroe continued to roll on the field with its 36th consecutive regular-season win in a blowout District 1-5A victory over Captain Shreve.
The overwhelming favorites to capture yet another district crown, Allen said that perhaps his team's biggest concern is remaining focused against league opponents that they are expected to beat.
"We respect the other teams that we play in this district," Allen said. "There is not a question about that. We know we have to come out and play hard to win games. Teams will not lay down."
Allen, who usually faces double teams are the prospect of teams running away from him, said of key areas he's concentrating is trying to improve his pass rush skills to complement his run-stuffing ability.
"I can feel myself getting faster off the edge and rushing the passer and my coaches have said that they have noticed that too," Allen said. "I know a lot of people don't believe that I can play on the outside and be an end in college. They see me moving inside or even to the offensive side of the ball.
"My opinion on that is simple," Allen said. "I get the chance to play at LSU. Who cares what happens after that? I am going to love that no matter where I play. I mean I don't care if I am just giving out water to the other players. Wherever they want me at LSU to play is where I want to play."