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Brazil IS a commitment

Loranger athlete Jeryl Brazil was the first LSU commitment for 2013. … and the second.
Brazil caused a stir Sunday afternoon through social media when he used Twitter and Facebook to announce that he was decommitting from LSU.
In the next few hours, he was bombarded with new friend requests and followers, accused of jumping ship to Alabama because of another Louisiana recruit -- "LANDON COLLINS DID NOT PERSUADE ME TO DECOMMITT!!!," he tweeted at one point -- and his cell phone "blew up."
A phone conversation with LSU recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson helped him clarify his position and by early evening, he said he had recommitted to the Tigers.
"I talked to Coach Frank and all," Brazil told Tigerbait.com. "We had a long talk about it. He just wanted to help me out with it. He wanted to hear it from me and not just some other people. I told him my situation and he understood. He said I could still be confirmed with them and keep my recruitment open and visit other campuses and junior days and things like that."
Brazil said he made the statement because he was interested in taking part in the recruiting process. But the reaction and ensuing conversation with Wilson also helped him see how much LSU wants him.
"He told me how much he wants me to be a part of that class," Brazil said. "It kind of got to me, just the fact that he cares that much to get in contact with me to talk with me to help with it. He didn't keep it all about football either. It was about everything else."
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Click Here to view this Link.The speedy 5-10, 178-pounder seemed surprised at how much of a dustup his updates caused.
"Oh yes sir," he said. "I got like 100 new requests and followers on Twitter. It was crazy. I wasn't expecting it to blow up like that. I was just making a couple of comments. It escalated from there. I just had to deal with it."
Asked what other schools he's interested in visiting, Brazil gave a political answer. "I'm just going to let it go from here. Whatever happens happens. If I get in contact with any other colleges, I'll just let y'all know or whatever and take it from there. I'm not going to go looking for colleges. If they come to me, I'll take it from there."
Brazil, who played running back and cornerback last season, said he intends to attend LSU's junior day on Feb. 4.
"Yes sir," he said. "I'm going."