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Check out these 9 quotes from LSU-Texas

Here's a few of the most interesting quotes from the players and coaches following the 45-38 LSU victory.

Joe Burrow on early offensive struggles:

“These first few games we’ve figured out we’re a tempo team. We get in a rhythm we go fast. We were struggling early (in the first quarter on Saturday), we were trying to look back to the sideline (for play audibles).

"Coach Steve said, 'Screw it, we’re going to go fast.' We kinda got them on their heels and started playing a lot better.”

Tom Herman on if LSU’s cramps were in good faith:

“I have no idea."

Clyde Edwards-Helaire on Burrow's 3rd-and-17 throw:

“Joe was getting hit and threw a ball off one leg sidearm to Justin Jefferson. I’ll take that play to my grave.”

K'Lavon Chaisson on the defense:

"We got a lot of work to do. The tempo we got to get right with the tempo ... like I said one of the bigger things we wanted to eliminate the quarterback using his legs and he still made plays with his legs. Over 400-something yards passing, that's a big problem for our defense so we got to get that fixed."

Michael Divinity on the defense:

"The points and we got to work on the run. We gave up too many rushing yards. I think the running back had over 150 yards. Our goal was to have him have 120. They went over our goal. We got to go back and watch film and we got to fix what we got to fix; alignments, gap assignments, and all those things."

Justin Jefferson on the offense:

"It's crazy to say that this offense has turned around in one year. To be honest, this new offense is just going to be crazy for us. We're ready for any team to come through. We just have to focus in and continue to do what we have to do."

Joe Burrow not satisfied yet:

"We had over 500 yards of offense, but it could have been 600 or 700. We missed some chances early in game and early in the second half to put them away, so we’re going to have to correct that.”

Ed Orgeron on the offensive scheme:

“It’s a vision that I always had when I took over. It took a couple of miscues to get there, but we’re finally there. We have the coaches to do it, the receivers to do it, the quarterback to do it and we’re going to keep getting better in the system.”

Ja'Marr Chase on going against LSU DBs:

"We go against the best (DBs) every day at practice. The hardest thing we do is practice. The hardest thing anybody go through is practice to us."