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Mathieu can remain student at LSU

ESPN reported earlier Monday that Tyrann Mathieu is considering an option of returning to LSU and serving a one-year suspension before seeking reinstatement to the football team.
According to LSU officials, Mathieu can enroll as a student when classes begin next week. School officials would not comment on the possibility of Mathieu rejoining the football program. LSU Director of Athletics Joe Alleva said last Friday that Mathieu has lost his scholarship.
No one connected with the university has confirmed that Mathieu's dismissal pertained to a third violation of the athletic department drug policy. However, it is widely believed that another violation of the LSU Athletic Department Substance Abuse Policy resulted in Mathieu's removal from the team.
Mathieu was suspended from last year's Auburn game due to, reportedly, a second violation of the drug policy. According to the school policy, an athlete would meet with the Athletic Department Assistance Program (ADAP) staff psychologist or associated medical services for evaluation and a course of action.
After a second violation, the athlete is subject to unannounced testing at an increased frequency at the discretion of the Drug Prevention Coordinator. The athlete must follow the prescribed treatment program and is responsible for the cost of any missed appointments.
If a test reveals the existence of drugs after an eight-week period, the athlete will receive an additional violation of the Substance Abuse Policy. Failure to successfully complete the recommended treatment will result in the loss of scholarship and participation as an athlete.
According to LSU's Substance Abuse Policy, a third violation will result in up to a one-year suspension from all athletic-related activities. Reinstatement after the one-year period is with the support of the ADAP treatment team and the Director of Athletics.
If the Administrative Voting Committee - Director of Athletics, Associate Athletic Director, ADAP Administrator, Drug Prevention Coordinator and head trainer - allows an athlete to return to the team, the restoration will be based upon full compliance of all athletic department rules.
The committee may impose conditions for reinstatement that are binding in order for the athlete to be given full eligibility. The athlete would be routinely tested. If there is a positive test at any time, the athlete would become permanently ineligible at LSU.
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