Rewind: Miles Thursday press conference

LSU coach Les Miles addressed the media for about 15 minutes following practice Thursday afternoon. Here are some of his comments.
(general statement)
"We had high school coaches at our practice today. We'll probably have between 400 and 600 here for our clinic this weekend. All the coaches being here created some competition for our players. We had Big Cats (plural) drill today. That was a lot of fun. We'll do it again next Tuesday. We are still making execution mistakes, but we are improving."
(on depth along the offensive and defensive lines)
"We are developing depth on the offensive line right now. We are close to having a two-deep. Then, we'll have three guys come in who will push to get into the two-deep. If you like Jermauria Rasco, Jordan Allen and Danielle Hunter and then we add four defensive ends in the summer, we are good there. Danielle Hunter is right there to be a first-team rep guy. Jordan Allen has played well, but he needs to make improvement. We have the same at defensive tackle when we'll have three guys come in. We will have depth on both lines, but it will be young. It will be an interesting fall when we bring in some talented guys."
(on center situation)
"It appears to me that Elliott Porter is good enough to play center. At some point in time, Ethan Pocic will be a great center. We are building depth there. We'll take someone like Pocic and find out what he can do. We'll find out if he can play center or play on the left side. If we get a better center, we can move (Pocic)."
(on getting leadership from the quarterback position)
"Quarterback is a very significant position. If the quarterback does not show leadership, that's a deficit. (Zach Mettenberger) does have leadership skills. I don't know of another position in all sports where leadership is as important. Everything starts with the quarterback. He touches the ball on every play."
(on Saturday's scrimmage)
"It will be another scrimmage where we work on certain situations. This will be red zone and tight zone plays. All the quarterbacks except for Mettenberger will be in white jerseys Saturday. They have been in white jerseys this week. We want to rough them up a little bit."
(on impact on coaches here for clinic)
"First, we want them to enjoy themselves. Then, I hope they find something which will benefit their program. I hope there will just a little piece of a talk which is pertinent to their high school team."
(on tight end situation)
"The guys on campus have improved. This offense benefits tight ends. DeSean Smith will be a nice addition when he gets here. He will certainly get some snaps as a receiving tight end."