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The Players' Lounge signs LSU roster to NIL deal for digital player cards

If you're a card collector, be on the lookout for a new digital LSU collection dropping soon from The Players' Lounge.

The NIL deal with LSU is college football's first ever officially licensed team-wide player card collection.

The release date is set for Sept. 29.

The cards will be sold in packs of three for $29 a pack and the proceeds will be split evenly amongst the team. Players then receive royalties from their card's secondary sales in perpetuity.

There's three different tiers to the cards: Common, Rare and Legendary.

As the season continues and players add stats to their names, the cards will be updated throughout the season to reflect on-field achievements.

According to the website, "All season long players will receive badges based on reaching set milestones. Each badge will then evolve as new milestones and stats are achieved. Start with a bronze badge and watch it grow into a legendary! There is plenty of room for your collection value to grow. There are badges for every position including 'gunslinger,' 'Pick Magnet,' and 'Griddy' just to name a few."

Here's how you can get your digital LSU cards:

1. Sign up on The Players' Lounge

2. Create your Dapper wallet, which is where you'll securely store your digital cards

3. Wait for the drop (Sept. 29)

4. Purchase your card pack

5. Build your collection

You can find all the information needed on the cards HERE.